Forge/OS 240V Control Panel

Explore reference designs that will enable you to setup a control panel with Forge/OS running your preferred IPC.

Pick and Place - UR5e

Pick and Place applications are easy to setup with a smart gripper and QC conveyor, powered by READY’s Forge/OS software. No PLC is needed! Connect and control all your devices from the same easy-to-use interface without prior programming or robotics experience.

Mill Tending - Kawasaki RS020N with Ace Drawers

READY helps metalworking shops utilize existing overcome the worker shortage. Enable ANYONE to setup and run robots at your shop. Find out how you can achieve a 30 day ROI with actual case studies from actual customers in this video.

PushCorp Force Compliant Orbital Sanding - Yaskawa GP12

Setting up a force compliant sanding cell is easier than ever, especially when powered by READY’s Forge/OS. Easily setup and program a robotic sanding cell, with any robot brand we support, with no prior robotics experience or programming knowledge.

Keyence CV-X Robotic Machine Vision

READY’s Forge/OS and Keyence CV-X Robotic Machine Vision system make setup of multi-inspection processes quick and easy. Setup of dimensional, OCR, barcode reading, and other inspections in a variety of positions with a 6 axis robot.

Mill Tending - FANUC LR Mate M20iA

Automating CNC machine tending with a robotic cell powered by READY’s Forge/OS will make it faster, easier, and more affordable than ever to automate your CNC mill.

Palletizing - Conveyor and Fanuc M-710

Forge/OS + Palletizing Wizard provides a simple, step-by-step solution for palletizing, making a complex process fast and intuitive. Choose the right robot for the job with a variety of robot brands supported by Forge/OS

A32 FlexArm for Robotic Tapping

Everything you need to implement an automation solution with a FlexArm pneumatic tapping system on your own, powered by Forge/OS.