The Zimmer Group was founded in 1980 in Rheinau, Germany, by brothers Günther and Martin Zimmer. The company now employs more than 1,200 people globally and has annual sales of approximately € 165 million. Over the past several decades, the company has consolidated its capabilities into six major technology areas: Handling Technology , Damping Technology , Linear Technology , Process Technology , Machine Tooling Technology and System Technology . Within these areas, Zimmer Group creates cutting-edge products, which are marketed globally under the established brand names of Zimmer Group. 

As the industry specialist in assembly, handling and automation, the Zimmer Group THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY has been consistently oriented towards the requirements of our customers. In particular, our mechatronic products in combination with an I4.0 integration give rise to even greater flexibility and functionality. Thanks to a wide variety of new products – strengthened by our customer´s confidence in us and our products – the Zimmer Group has been able to distinctly rise above the competition in recent years, both in Germany and around the world.


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