Partner Info

EMI Corp. is the leading manufacturer of conveyor/box filling systems and supplier of robotic End-Of-Arm-Tooling components and solutions for a variety of industries. From plug-and-play kits to fully custom-designed solutions, EMI offers the largest selection of in-stock EOAT components, coupled with advanced manufacturing capabilities and backed by a full team of Engineers. Whether you need only a couple of vacuum cups or over 100 custom-engineered and built EOATs, EMI has the experience that thousands of customers have come to rely on for their successful End of Arm Tooling needs.

Why Ready?

As the demand for accessible automation spreads through new and existing industries, the necessity for a simple, homogenous solution increases with that demand. EMI Corp. values the ideology of delivering easy to use solutions to our customers regardless of the overall complexity. Coupled with Forge OS, our solutions become even easier to implement and use with any types of robot.