Digital Services for your success 

With the simulation solution virtualZ all project phases can be simulated and optimized close to reality.

The cloud-based full-service solution cloudZ is based on a standard IO-Link component in combination with an OPC UA server running as a process on a PLC. With multiple leading cloud providers, vertical communication from the component to the cloud and from the cloud to the component is possible.

With controlZ, regardless of the robot manufacturer used, the robot application including the end-of-arm tools can be created and put into operation with neutral programming tools, such as, for example, READY’s Forge/OS.

VisualZ offers its own special and user-friendly user interface for mechatronic components and cells in order to facilitate installation of the components, e.g. to simplify in the robot control.

With supportZ it is easily possible to provide worldwide service modules to every customer for fast and stress-free implementation and commissioning in almost all common PLC systems. 

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