SoftGrippers are made from FDA approved material and are used in handling food and sensitive goods without leaving gripping marks. They can be easily modified for the task at hand due to the modular design. Each fingers for up to 10 million cycles and can be replaced in seconds. They adapt to the object being handled and are therefore more tolerant and forgiving of errors in object placement or alignment, making automation easier to set up.

Easy to set up and get started. A wide range of products can be handled with one simple SoftGripper. The SoftGripper is controlled directly from Forge/OS with digital I/O.

Included in a SoftGripper Kit: SoftGripper, control box, tubing and cable. Small silent compressor if needed.

The SoftGripper is ideal for automation processes involving irregularly shaped or sensitive objects especially for pick and place, bin picking, sorting, packaging applications, mostly involved in foods, bakery products; harvest of fruits, vegetables and repotting.

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