PLB is a 3D vision system tailored for bin-picking and depalletizing. With the selection of 3D camera front-ends and part localization algorithms, PLB offers the flexibility required to handle a great range of applications.

With a wide selection of camera types to choose from, the PLB system is ideal for implementing tailored solutions. The laser-based triangulation variants ensure the lowest possible image noise, while the active illumination steros cameras provide the highest image resolution. Configurations with multiple camera heads or rail mounted cameras are supported. The pre-calibrated systems provide data out of the box and can be easily exchanged by users.

The PLB system is equipped with software that can localize a wide variety of different parts by applying flexible algorithms to the image data. The system not only delivers exact actual coordinates for robot guidance, but is also able to avoid collisions with the tote when positioning the gripper for part removal. No further programming is required. The PLB system, therefore, offers a cost-efficient and user-friendly solution for the system optimization. 

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