Forge/OS makes it easy to integrate a Schmalz Palletizing Solution with devices needed to control an entire palletizing cell. Manage all of your peripheral devices and robot programming from a single interface. 

With a Kawasaki RS080 robot and hardware from Schmalz, SMC, and QC Conveyors this solution shows you how to start palletizing or case packing quickly. With Forge/OS programming industrial robots is as easy as programming a cobot. A properly selected industrial for you application will come with far more payload, more reach, and less cost than comparable collaborative robot or gantry solutions.

READY’s Forge/OS makes it easy to program palletizing tasks in minutes. Setup and control a variety of brands of robots and end of arm tooling – all from a single interface without the need for a PLC. Forge/OS allows you to choose the right industrial or collaborative robot for your task or program your pre-existing robot for the task at hand. Forge/OS’s control of the cell allows you to manage subtasks separately and simultaneously allowing you manage your peripherals, like multi-zone conveyors.

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