The Schmalz Area Gripper is an ideal solution for a flexible palletizing, machine loading, or pick and place application. The Schmalz Area Gripper comes in a wide variety of configurations that make it easy to find the exact solution for your unique use case. The modular design ensures easy standardization of components for a robust solution. The Schmalz Area Gripper is easily setup with Forge/OS with our build in Vacuum Gripper device controls. 

  • Universal gripper with integrated, pneumatic vacuum generation, for handling workpieces regardless of size, geometry, material and surface
  • Handling of workpieces made from various materials, such as wood (coated or unplaned), packaging (boxes, bags or cans), metal sheets, glass, plastics, CFRP, etc.
  • Gripper can be optimally adapted to the application thanks to selectable sealing element (suction cups or sealing foam)

Not sure exactly where to get started? Download connection diagrams, CAD models, and pneumatic diagrams in the Downloadable Files section or click Contact below to connect with someone that can help!

Schmalz Area Gripper FXP-S-SW140 442 3R54 SPB2-40P
Schmalz Area Gripper FXP-S-SW140 442 3R54 SPB2-40P
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