Pick and place robots speed up the process of picking up parts or items and placing them in other locations. Automating these types of processes helps to increase production rates. Pick and place robots handle repetitive tasks while freeing up human workers to focus on more complex work. A pick and place application is easy to setup with READY’s Forge/OS software without any prior robotics experience or programming knowledge. Forge allows your existing shop floor employees to quickly learn how to program with our easy-to-use, flowchart style programming interface. Forge/OS makes it easy to setup any robot type… small or large, industrial or collaborative.

Adding a smart gripper, conveyor, and other peripheral hardware means a flexible solution that can be setup and controlled directly through Forge/OS… without a PLC. For full BOM, CAD files, and connection diagrams see the Tech Documents below. 

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Product Information

The following are ideal applications for pick and place robots:

  • Product assembly
  • Case packing
  • Packaging
  • Machine loading and unloading
  • Part transfer for inspection & quality control

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