• Everything you need to implement an automation solution on your own
  • No suprises later, includes all required hardware and software
  • No robot vendor programming courses necessary
  • Includes programming templates for each task
  • Easily integrate all devices and peripherals with Forge/Ctrl – no complex PLC is required
  • Powered by Forge/OS: enabling fast, intuitive, robot programming
  • Collaborative robotic solution
  • No safety fence required
  • Designed for high capacity
  • Up to medium weight parts (10kg or less)
  • Supports Universal Robots (e Series)


Product Information

  • READY Forge/Ctrl
  • Heavy Duty 30″ Robot Mounting Table
  • Schunk PZN+80 Gripper with Valve Block
  • ACE Drawer for Part Presentation
  • PLC Breakout Box Expansion Module
  • READY Pneumatic Button Presser – QTY 2
  • READY Dual Action Pneumatic Pedal Presser – QTY 2
  • READY Teach Pendant
  • Single copy of a Forge/OS license
  • Task Canvas – Award winning visual programming application
  • Long Reach, Medium Payload Universal Robots UR10 Collaborative
  • Robot pre-configured for Forge/OS

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