Easily set up a CNC lathe tending cell to automate your turning process. Maximize the investment of your CNC lathe by running lights out production with a Kawasaki RS020N robot.

Automate your CNC in days, not weeks or months. An automated CNC machine tending cell powered by READY’s Forge/OS will make it faster, easier, and more affordable than ever to automate your mill.

With easy-to-use programming software, and all-inclusive automation hardware kits, READY makes it easy for ANYONE to automate their CNC Mill. From picking parts to machine interaction, Task Canvas touchscreen app brings a new level of simplicity to programming a robot. CNC Mill automation has never been easier. No need to have a degree in robotics or programming to get started. Anyone on any shop floor can program and maintain a robot with READY’s Forge/OS.

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Product Information

A CNC machine tending cell powered by READY’s Forge/OS software will:

  • Future proof your facility with scalable automation
  • Accelerate changeover –  change over between jobs easy with our intuitive task canvas software
  • Allow anyone to program – Leverage your existing employees to program and maintain your robot cell
  • Eliminate robot brand lock-in
  • Easily interchange peripherals known to work together
  • Reduce the cost to get started with automation with products known to work together

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