The Keyence CV-X Vision System is an intuitive, reliable solution for all of your vision guided robotics (VGR) and inspection needs. The Keyence vision system is pre-integrated with READY’s Forge/OS programming software so setup is quick and easy. READY’s flowchart based programming software combined with Keyence’s intutiive vision programming software ensures a robust solution for a variety of applications.

Choose the right camera for your application. Keyence’s complete family of area cameras allows proper camera selection based upon line-speed, installation location, and inspection
requirements. From 21 megapixel cameras for precision resolution requirements to the highspeed cameras for the fastest production rates, or compact cameras for the tightest mounting restraints to Pattern Projection for 3D inspection, KEYENCE offers the ideal solution for every inspection application.

Controllers are selectable according to application, processing speed, capacity, and camera choice, with solid state design. The lineup includes multiple controller types available according to
the number and types of cameras to be connected and processing speed. It is no longer necessary to use multiple devices with different functionality for each inspection category.

See brochure below for full line up of available camera, lighting, controllers, and accessories to implement a complete vision solution.

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