Gripping made easy. 

GripShape makes it simple to get the right robot gripper finger tooling for your application. Whether you want to machine the fingers yourself, need something in-stock ready to go or want a fully customized solution, our team delivers quality, innovative products and solutions to make your robot gripping project a success.

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Product Information

Machine it yourself

GripShape’s gripper finger blanks are a great option if you want to machine the grip area yourself. They come ready to mount to your gripper, so you can make custom fingers without starting from scratch. Just machine the gripping area to securely hold the workpiece. 

In-Stock Custom Machined Fingers

These fingers are specific to each module, are available in a wide variety of configurations to incorporate features that robotics engineers and designers would normally build into custom components saving time and keeping valuable manufacturing resources free. Best of all, you get a custom finger without the lead time and price associated with one-off parts. 

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