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The Forge Developer Kit supplies the hardware needed to run Forge/OS, ready to be plugged into an OEM robot controller. The necessary hardware is already incorporated into an industrial enclosure, and is ready to use with minimal setup. 

The Forge/OS developer license is included and comes preloaded on the IPC to get you started developing with the SDK quickly. The Forge Developer kit is designed to get you up and running quickly but allow you to easily setup the devices you need. Whether you are looking to create apps or integrate hardware with drivers and plug-ins the Forge Developer kit will get you the minimum hardware you need to start immediately. Easily connect and set up devices through Ethernet/IP or Modbus or add digital I/O through breakout modules.


Product Information

  • KeTop T155 industrial teach pendant from KEBA to interact with Forge/OS
  • 24v power supply to run the KeTop 150 pendant
  • An OnLogic industrial PC to run Forge/OS
  • An external ethernet cable to plug the industrial PC into the OEM robot controller
  • A custom enclosure for the power supply and PC

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