Festo Vacuum Technology consists of a complete vacuum range of simple vacuum generators, valves suitable for vacuum, vacuum switches and vacuum grippers.

Vacuum generators

  • Short evacuation times thanks to decentralized vacuum generation
  • All Festo vacuum generators operate according to the single-stage Venturi principle. 

Vacuum grippers

  • Modular products ESG with over 5,000 variants
  • Vacuum grippers from Festo are available in various materials and designs – depending on the workpiece surface – and there is a suitable suction cup holder for each suction cup. 

Vacuum cups

  • Wide variety of suction grippers and suction cups
  • Different designs, materials and sizes of suction cups and a modular suction gripper system with a wide range of different suction cup holders, angle and height compensators and filters 

Accessories for vacuum

  • Assembly and connecting components
  • Compensating elements
  • Vacuum displays
  • Vacuum filter
  • Vacuum security valves. 

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