The move towards electric automation technology is not without its challenges. In addition to extensive knowledge of electrical systems and software, you also need a comparatively large budget – so it is no wonder that the benefits of electric automation have so far been limited to complex motion requirements. This is now changing: the Festo Simplified Motion Series provides you with an automation solution that bridges the gap between easy-to-install pneumatics and smart electric automation. Simply make your production more efficient with plug and work.

Pneumatics is still the tool of choice for simple movement and positioning tasks. In an increasingly digitized world, however, electrical automation and a continuous flow of information from the workpiece to the controller to the cloud are becoming indispensable. This enables you to reduce commissioning times, ensure that production is cost-effective, and manage shorter product life cycles. As a result, the higher up-front costs of electric automation solutions are offset by savings during operation. And commissioning is now also quick and easy. How is this possible? With the Festo Simplified Motion Series. 

Product Information

Available basic functions can be configured via digital I/O (DIO):

  • Speed and force

  • Reference end position and cushioning

  • End positions

Additional, extended functions are accessible via IO-Link®:

  • Remote configuration of motion parameters

  • Copy and backup function for transferring parameters between the actuator and the computer or from the computer to another identical actuator

  • Read functions of the process parameters 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Simplified functionality for simple movements

  • A variety of movements thanks to different mechanical systems

  • Built-in products eliminate the need for a control cabinet

  • Quick and easy commissioning without software – does not require special expertise

  • Digital I/O (DIO) or IO-Link® integrated as standard  

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