Equipped with an M8, 3-pole cable, 4mm and 6mm fittings, silencers, threaded and push plugs, neoprene padded strap and a 3D printed shroud the EMI’s 8016 Cobot Solenoid Valve Kit is the cornerstone of all pneumatic end effectors. Simple, on-arm design with protective shroud and non-slip Velcro® strap to mount to the robot arm.


EMI’s Solenoid Valve Kit for Collaborative Robots is an essential add-on for all pneumatic applications. This powerful 5-port/2-position valve enables you to actuate Single Acting (NO/NC) and Double Acting end effectors while using a single Digital Output and compressed air line.

Kit Includes:

  • M8, 3-pole cable
  • 4mm and 6mm fittings
  • Silencers, threaded and push plugs
  • Neoprene padded strap and a 3D printed shroud

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