The EMI 8006 2505 XT cobot gripper kit uses a concentric, powerful 3-jaw gripper ideal for machine tending and general handling of cylindrical workpieces. Made out of high-quality machined components with an IP67 protection class, the SXT Gripper is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. EMI’s pre-assembled SXT Gripper Kit is easy to set-up, operate and maintain. Simply connect your 6mm compressed air line, connect your 4-wire cable to the controller box, and your Pneumatic SXT Gripper Kit is ready to go.


  • This versatile kit can be adapted to other SXT Gripper sizes with various strokes and gripping force upon request.
  • Three parallel, adjustable gripper jaws. Gripper body has an IP67 Protection Class.
  • Double acting with 5/2 solenoid valve and cable management clamps.
  • Includes 1 magnetic sensor for open/close position detection.
  • The included interface plate mounts directly to any robot with an ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6 tool flange. Contact EMI if you need a different interface plate.


Weight: 825g (subject to change per configuration).

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