-Everything you need to implement an automation solution on your own
-Hole tapping up to 9/16″ in mild steel
-FlexArm’s A32 keeps the tap perpendicular and reacts torque from the motor
-Tap will clutch out at the bottom of blind holes, eliminating tap breakage
-Part fixturing and end effector options available
-Powered by Forge/OS: enabling fast, intuitive, robot programming
-All devices and peripherals are controlled with Forge/OS, no complex PLC is required
-System can be integrated with a variety of robot brands and FlexArm tapping arms

3D CAD Models available upon request


View video of live robotic tapping in action

FlexArm BTS.00_00_53_42.Still002
FlexArm BTS.00_00_53_42.Still002
RNR 20 FlexArm
FlexArm Robotic Tapping Ready Robotics
Pneumatic FlexArm tapping READY Robotics

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